A Powerful Coronavirus Prayer

coronavirus prayer

The coronavirus has been ravaging our world for months now, and as its effects worsen it has become increasingly difficult to maintain the morale of those who are directly or indirectly affected. This is not a time to give up hope. Instead, this is a time to come together in prayer and faith with others around the world, because God will never forsake his people. In fact, there are several Bible verses that speak about what we can do during these times of trouble:

– “And none of those who trust in Him shall be condemned.” (Psalm 34:22)

– “And forgive us our sins,
For we also forgive everyone who is indebted to us.” (Luke 11:4)

The coronavirus will pass. We must remember that this is a time to pray and believe in our Lord above all else. If we place faith in his plans, they are sure to work out as he sees fit: even if it means sacrifice on behalf of one person or millions; only those who have been chosen by him can truly be saved and released from their suffering. Please continue praying for COVID-19 victims and your fellow man during these times when hope seems most scarce.

A Coronavirus Prayer

Heavenly Father,

Hear our prayer. We are in need of your mercy and guidance with the coronavirus ravaging this world. No longer do we have time to think only of ourselves, but instead must rally together as one people under God’s loving hands. Give us strength through these times so that we may rise above temptation or hatred towards others, instead, choose faithfulness and everlasting life for all those who suffer from COVID-19 worldwide.

We pray also for you, Oh Lord: that you would bless those doctors and researchers diligently trying to find a cure or vaccine against coronaviruses like COVID-19, even though they themselves will not experience any of its benefits directly—they too are suffering just as much as their patients do each day.

We pray also for our leaders, that they may be guided to make the best possible decisions in these times of crisis, so as not to reveal their own corruption or incompetence; and we ask you Lord above all else: to give them wisdom and patience with one another during these trying times. For truly there are many ways through which coronavirus victims can suffer—not just from the illness itself but by those around us who do not follow God’s plan.

We also believe in your compassion for people who are hurting even though this epidemic will soon be over because sin will have been eradicated completely…but it is up to each one of us individually to assist others to maintain hope throughout the transition (which, of course, is impossible when facing such a terrible virus).

Thanks be unto you God, our Father; who has never forsaken his children. Amen.

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