Butterfly Meaning and Symbolism

Whenever you see a butterfly in real life or even in dreams, it might be a way for the Universe to send you a message. Animals, or in the case of butterflies, insects, offer several meanings and symbolism that we can apply and relate to our lives. In many native cultures, animals are considered to bring messages from the spirits. Let’s explore the butterfly meaning.

The Symbolism of Butterflies

Butterflies are considered to be one of the most symbolic of all insects. They represent personal transformation and offer a deep and powerful representation of life.

They have such a magical presence with their ability to fly through the air with a certain elegance and lightness, unlike any other insect. They’re also undeniably beautiful with their range of colors and beautiful wings.

So what does the butterfly represent and what does it mean when you see a butterfly flying around you?

  • Symbol of Transformation

The butterfly is the ultimate symbol of transformation. It represents spiritual rebirth, creativity, change, and ascension. The transformation associated with butterflies is not related to your environment but within yourself. The change is internal and it tells you to look within yourself to make the changes necessary to bring you the metamorphosis that needs to occur in your life.

  • Symbol of Lightness of Being

A butterfly flies in the air with a touch of elegance and lightness. Witnessing a butterfly around you could be a sign that you need to relieve the pressure and tension that you have in your life right now. If you’re pressured at work or in your business, or in your relationship, it is telling you to let it go and relax.

Butterflies are often seen as a positive sign so if you’re struggling in your life right now, it is telling you to calm down, relax, and remove the tension that you’re giving to these aspects of your life.

What Does it Mean When You See a Butterfly in Your Dreams?

A butterfly in your dreams could be a sign that you need to look within yourself to make a change. Or it could also be a message of reassurance that you’re about to enjoy a positive transformation in an aspect of your life, such as your romantic relationship, in your career, or in your finances.

Seeing a butterfly in your dreams could also be an omen of death. Since butterflies symbolize the soul and resurrection, it could represent the transformation from life to death. The death symbolism should not be interpreted as just physical death, but could also mean the end of a relationship, a marriage, a business, or even the death of a negative struggle that you may be going through in your life right now.

The Life Cycle of the Butterfly

The life cycle of the butterfly is one of the most interesting things about this mysterious insect. The butterfly starts out as an egg and lives its life as a caterpillar.

It then becomes a pupa or chrysalis, where it stays hidden in a cocoon. Finally, when it leaves its cocoon, she is reborn as a beautiful butterfly that lives with wonder and beauty, hopping from one flower to another.

The life cycle of the butterfly can be likened to the spiritual cycle of a person. You may start life in a bad place or you may be in a bad place right now, but when you retreat and heal yourself, work on yourself, and believe in your capacity to transform, you too can be reborn into the best person that you can be.

In terms of spirituality, you may have lost touch with your spirit, but if you choose to retreat and work on your inner spirit through prayer, faith, and working on your spirituality, you will emerge with a renewed sense of purpose and a hope for a better life.

The butterfly shows us that even in moments or difficult phases of our lives, no matter what happens, the hope of a transformation to become the best version of ourselves is always possible.

The butterfly also has a very short life span. Once it becomes a butterfly, it only lives up to a few weeks or a few months at the longest. Her incredibly short life teaches us that even human life is short, respectively. The butterfly teaches us to savor and enjoy life here on earth because we are only given a short time to truly live our best lives.

Butterflies and Deceased Loved Ones

Butterflies have also been closely associated with deceased loved ones. Across many cultures all over the world, the butterfly is seen as deceased loved ones visiting them. Indeed, butterflies have often been viewed by many as their deceased loved ones visiting them and telling them that they are in a good place and that they have moved on.

Butterflies, especially white ones, are often seen as a sign of comfort and reassurance that the soul of your loved one has lived on to the spirit world. In times when you need support, encouragement, and comfort, the presence of a butterfly near you, or in a dream, could indicate that your loved one is encouraging you to be happy and follow your heart in joy and contentment.

What Does It Mean When a Butterfly Lands on You?

While many people would see butterflies flying around them or in dreams, on the rare occasion that a butterfly lands on you, you should take this as a sign of personal growth.

The butterfly could be a message from the Universe telling you to welcome a new phase in your life or to open your heart to greater love or spiritual connection. Butterflies are often seen as a lucky charm, so if you’re on your way to a job interview, or you’re going on a first date with someone, then this is a good sign that things will turn out in your favor.


The symbolism of butterflies being transformation encourages us to seek positive change in ourselves. Life is constantly moving and the only thing that is always happening is change. When we see a butterfly, we must consider it as a sign of positive transformation, to be more open to change and new beginnings, and also to embrace the end of things.

If a loved one has just passed on, butterflies could also symbolize the spirit of your loved one, coming to visit and giving you comfort that he or she is in a good place and has lived on beyond the physical world. Whether you see a butterfly flying around you, in your dreams, or it has landed on your shoulder, take comfort in the messages that it’s sending you.

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