Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

So you’ve just found out you’re pregnant, congratulations!! The next few months and the rest of your life will be filled with joy, exhaustion, and pride as you raise your little bundle of joy. But first things first, how will you tell your spouse and your family? You can’t just show up at the next family gathering with a big belly and surprise everyone.

And so, before they see you getting big, a pregnancy announcement is a must! But how do you do it? Do you just text your family and friends? Or how about a phone call? What about a post on social media? Well, since getting pregnant is a momentous occasion on its own, why not have a creative way to tell your family and friends and give them the surprise of a lifetime?

But wait, if this is your first pregnancy, you might be a little nervous about who to tell, when to tell, and how to tell everyone, so before we begin our list of cute, funny, and heartwarming pregnancy announcement ideas, here are some tips before you get started.

Tips on Pregnancy Announcements

Here are some tips to make sure your pregnancy announcement goes smoothly, and that no one feels left out.

1. Tell Your Spouse or Partner Right Away

The very first person you should tell that you’re pregnant is your spouse or partner. He will feel left out and undervalued if you announce your pregnancy together with everyone else.

Your partner must be the very first person to know that both of you are expecting.

2. Tell The People You Are Closest To First

Before you post on social media or tell everyone at a party, you must tell the people you’re closest to first. This can include your parents, siblings, close friends, and anyone who is close to you. You wouldn’t want them to know at the same time as everyone else. If a person is special to you, make them feel valued by telling them first before everyone else.

If your mom finds out on social media or through a friend of yours, she will feel left out and undervalued. Make sure your family knows first, and then your close friends, and then your colleagues or boss.

3. When To Announce Your Pregnancy

There is no textbook time to announce your pregnancy. You can announce it to your family as soon as you find out, or you can wait for week 12 when the chances of miscarriage are lower, or you can announce it once your pregnancy bump is visible.

When to announce your pregnancy is totally up to you. Announce it when you’re ready and not when you feel pressured to tell even when you’re not prepared to share it with other people.

Now that we’ve discussed some tips for announcing our pregnancy, let’s now go straight to the pregnancy announcement ideas that you can do for your spouse or partner, family, and the rest of your circle.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Your Partner

If you and your spouse didn’t find out together, here are some cute, creative, and exciting pregnancy announcement ideas you can do with your partner:

1. Wrap the Positive Pregnancy Test as a Gift

This is especially cool if you give the gift on your partner’s birthday, Valentine’s Day. wedding anniversary, Christmas, or better yet, on Father’s Day. They totally won’t expect what’s inside their gifts since it’s just like any other occasion.

Place the positive pregnancy test in a box, tie it with a ribbon, and give it to your partner as a present. Or, you can even hide it underneath an actual gift, such as a shirt, book, or watch. Have your camera ready as they open the “gift.” and capture the look on their faces as they realize you two will be expecting your little bundle of joy.

2. Order Food with Lettering Announcing Your Pregnancy

Order pizza, cake, or donuts and have pepperoni spelled out “baby,” or have lettering on the cake that announces your pregnancy. Use the cupcakes or donuts to spell out “pregnant” or “expecting” or whatever word you want to use to tell your partner you’re pregnant.

Have the food delivered to your home or even at your partner’s office and give him a great surprise. If he has a favorite cake, donut, cupcake, or flavor of pizza, make sure you order that for your partner so he gets excited receiving the food and to make sure he’s the one who opens the box.

3. Leave the Pregnancy Test for Your Partner To Discover

If you want to let your partner know right away without much preparation, why not leave the pregnancy kit behind where you know he will find it?

Leave the test on top of his laptop, or on top of his nightstand, or on a coffee pot. It’s a simple, direct, and funny way to let your partner know you’re expecting without much drama. The tip here is you must make sure he will find it, as there have been stories where the spouse accidentally threw it out without much thought, or it fell to the floor, or worse, it got flushed down the toilet.

Place the test in an area where it’s visible and a place where your partner is sure to notice. He will surely have a confused look on his face as he comes looking for you and asks you the obvious answer.

4. Baby Food Challenge

Prepare a few baby food in advance and hide them from your partner. When he gets back from work, or when you get home, tell him about a food challenge you saw on TV or social media and say you want to try it with him.

Blindfold your partner, and prepare the baby food. Have him taste all the baby food and ask him what it is. If he guesses it right, ask him if he’d feed the food to your baby. If he gets confused, tell him to remove his blindfold and reveal you’re having a baby.

5. Have a T-shirt Printed Announcing Your Pregnancy

Have a t-shirt printed announcing your pregnancy and when your partner gets home, open the door with you wearing the shirt. It’s direct and simple, and will definitely make him stop in his tracks as he digests this wonderful news.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for the Grandparents

If this is the first grandchild of your mom and dad or your in-laws, your pregnancy will be a momentous occasion. From being parents to adults to being grandparents for the first time, it’s going to be a big surprise and exciting moment for all.

After you tell your spouse or partner about your pregnancy, it’s time you tell the soon-to-be grandparents. So how can you do that and make it fun? Here are some ideas on pregnancy announcements for grandparents:

1. Gift Your Parents a Onesie

Wrap a baby onesie in a basket or box and send it to your partner and in-laws. You can use any baby item, be it a bib, diaper, baby shoes, or any baby apparel item. As soon as they open the gift, they’ll surely know you’re having a baby and that they’ll be grandparents for the very first time soon.

2. Have a Customized Coffee Mug

Have customized coffee mugs made with spellings of “Grandma” and “Grandpa.” Send the mugs as a gift and they are sure to get the message even without you having to tell them you’re expecting.

You can also have coffee mugs made for your sister, spelling out “aunt” or for your brother spelling out “uncle.” These ideas can also be applied to other close family members, and not just for your parents and soon-to-be grandparents.

3. Send a Cute Grandparents Book

Aside from a baby item, customized mug, you and also send a cute baby book to your parents and in-laws. Choose a book that involves grandparents in the story to make it even more personal and special.

4. Send a Balloon

Send a small balloon with a baby item inside to your parents or in-laws and make sure it comes with a safety pin. Tell them to pop the balloon and look for an object inside. It’s a creative, cute, and fun way to tell them you’re pregnant.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Siblings

If this is your 2nd, 3rd, fourth, or nth pregnancy, it’s still an exciting time to add one more bundle of joy to the family. And when this happens, it’s always a great idea to involve the siblings in your pregnancy announcement. These ideas are great to do with kids or even pets and present them to family and close friends.

Here are some pregnancy announcement ideas involving siblings:

1. Eviction Notice for a Toddler

Have your toddler sit or stand inside his crib. And on his crib, place a piece of paper that says: “Eviction Notice, please note that you are hereby required to vacate the premises within 27 weeks as the new tenant is expected to move in on June 2021.”

It’s a cute and funny way of saying a new baby is gonna come soon. You can have the picture printed and send it to your family and friends, or you can also post it on social media to announce your pregnancy to everyone else.

2. Printed T-shirt Worn By Your Only Child

You can have a t-shirt printed that says “Big Sister” or “Big Brother” or “Only Child No More.” Take a picture of your child or children wearing the shirts and post it online, or have the photo printed and send it to your parents, in-laws, and close family and friends.

3. Have Your Kids Make A Video Announcement

Your kids will love to get involved in announcing you’re having another child. Make a video of your kids saying they’re going to be a big brother or sister, and that you are having another baby. Send the video to close family and friends, or post it on social media.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for the General Audience

The following ideas can be done to announce to your family and friends but they’re better used on social media or for your inner circle.

1. Cover a Beer Bottle with a “Baby Brewing” Label

Replace the label on a beer bottle with “Baby Brewing.” Take a picture and put it on social media. It’s cute, simple, modern, and funny at the same time.

2. Eating for Two

You can take a picture of a food spread and caption your photo with “Eating for Two.” Those who understand will get the message that you’re eating for you and your growing baby inside your belly.

3. Take a Picture of Your Sonogram

You can take a picture of you and your partner holding your baby’s sonogram, or you can simply place the monogram in a frame and take a picture of that. A sonogram is the most direct image of a pregnancy announcement and you can get creative with how you will present it in photographs.

4. Take A Picture of Baby Shoes

Another image that’s popular with pregnancy announcements is a picture of a pair of baby shoes. You can place your shoes beside it, as well as your partner’s shoes, or you can hang them up, or simply take a picture of the shoes on the floor or on a pillow. Get creative, take a picture, have it printed and give out to friends, or post it on social media.

5. Take a Picture of You on the Road with the “Bump Ahead” Road Sign

Find a “Bump Ahead” road sign and stand near it. It’s a cheeky way of announcing you’re growing a bump in your belly.

Other ideas:

  • Write 1 + 1 = 3 on a chalkboard and keep your audience guessing about what it means.
  • You can also post a baby bottle and caption it: “Sleepless nights, here we come.”
  • Take a picture of your partner reading a baby book, such as “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.”

Finding out you’re pregnant and growing a life inside you is a magical experience and when you find out, you won’t be able to wait to tell it to the people in your life. Make the occasion even more special by thinking of fun, creative, and even funny ways of announcing a new member of the family to the people in your life.

These are some ideas that you can do to announce you’re having a little bundle of joy in your life soon. Get creative, mix up these ideas, and give your family and friends the surprise of a lifetime with your cute, funny, creative, and fun pregnancy announcement.

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