What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone?

What does it mean when you dream about someone? Dreams have always fascinated mankind. Since the time of ancient civilizations, dreams have always been regarded as symbolic messages from another world, as well as prophecies.

Some dreams are vivid, while some are less clear, while some others are pointless and meaningless. Whatever dream you may have, one thing’s for sure, the emotions you feel while you dream, and when you wake up, are real and palpable.

So what does it mean when you dream about someone? Is that someone hurting you? Comforting you? What is happening in your dream? Let’s take a look at the meanings behind dreaming about someone.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone?

Dreaming about another person could mean different things. Though there are books about dream interpretation, as well as what common dreams mean, the true meaning of dreams always depends on you. It always depends on the individual person and circumstance. What may be true for someone else may not be true for you.

For example, you may dream about failing on an exam but then you actually ace it. On the other hand, your friend can also dream about failing an exam and it can actually come true for her – she failed the exam. So both of you had the same or similar dream, but you each experienced different realities.

When it comes to dreams, they’re always subjective. But the general dream interpretations are similar – dreaming is about your subconscious. The images, emotions, and events that occur in your dreams always come from a single place – and that is from your very own consciousness.

Oftentimes, when you dream about a specific person, it represents something specific. Dreams are always symbolic so you should never interpret your dreams literally. Because dreams are symbolic, you should give consideration to the deeper meanings of your visualizations.

If you dream about someone dying, you may feel really devastated, but don’t take it literally. Chances are, that person is not going to die anytime soon. And if you dream about your partner cheating on you, it might not always be true in real life so don’t rush to break up with them just because you had a dream they cheated on you.

When you dream about someone, you need to analyze what happened in the dream and what your current relationship is with that person or with yourself.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone You Know?

When you dream about someone you know, it’s usually about your very own characteristics. For example, you dreamed about someone who always seemed to be on top of everything. That person may have success, a great love life, beautiful kids, a beautiful house, and so on. You may have dreamed about them talking to you or making an appearance in your life.

This could mean that you desire to be like that person – maybe you want to have her success, too. Maybe you want to have the very same things that she’s achieved in her life that you don’t have right now.

Dreaming about someone that has a specific character should make you look at yourself and analyze what part of that person’s characteristics you want for yourself. If it’s the money that you want, then maybe you should work harder or open a business venture that will help you achieve the finances that you desire.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone You Don’t Know?

If you dream about someone you never met, it could mean that you saw a person, and that person may have shown characteristics that you liked or didn’t like. You can take a look at yourself and analyze the things about yourself that you lack, or things about yourself that you don’t like, so you can change it.

Or, it could be a longing for someone to come into your life which represents that person in your dream.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone You Haven’t Seen For A Long Time?

If you dream about an old friend, an ex, or someone from your past, it could mean that you have unresolved issues with that person. It could also mean that person may still hold a place in your thoughts, and that it’s time to resolve these issues so you can let it go.

If it’s an acquaintance from a long time ago that you don’t really have a significant relationship with, it could also mean that you may have seen someone that looked like that person, and without you knowing about it, your brain still stored the information. As you slept, your brain processed that information and dug up your long-term memory of someone you actually know that looked like the person you saw that day.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone Dying?

Dreaming about someone dying is a scary experience. During your dream, you will feel the actual emotions of having someone you know die and you can wake up crying or overwhelmed with emotion. Well, the good news is, it does not represent your reality. Dreaming about someone dying could be a sign that you need to look into yourself and analyze what part of your character or area of your life right now that needs to end.

Oftentimes, our intuition tells us that something’s wrong or something must stop. This could be a habit that you need to stop, such as an addiction, a toxic relationship, or a behavior that’s causing you negativity.

When dreaming about someone dying, you can also observe whether that person is annoying you, or maybe you don’t like something about that person, and you want that characteristic to stop.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Partner Cheating On You?

Jealousy, insecurity, resentment, and dishonesty are some of the many negative aspects of a relationship. When you dream that your partner is cheating on you, it could be a representation of how you feel about your current relationship. You may not face it directly, but maybe you’re harboring these feelings in reality because of a lack of effort on your partner’s part, or maybe of your own insecurities.

When you dream about your partner cheating on you, it’s time that you take a look at your relationship, and talk about the things that are bothering you. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your partner is actually cheating on you in real life.

Dreaming about someone has many interpretations, symbolism, and meanings. At the end of the day, the real translation of dreams is always dependent on you.

Your brain is a marvelous organ and it stores so many thoughts and emotions and it’s when you’re sleeping that the brain gets to process all this information and tries to create a cohesive and meaningful arrangement.

Whether the dreams are vivid, blurry, or chaotic, one thing’s for sure, it’s time to analyze the symbolism and relate them to your own reality because your mind is telling you something that you are not consciously aware of.

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